WOW what a start to the year! … 2024 here we go !!!

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WOW what a start to the year! … 2024 here we go !!!

Just back from the Societies of Photographers convention in London, where I was lucky enough to be invited back again to speak on the subject of LGBTQ+ weddings. Spot me in the image above.. pink hair top right!

This annual photographic event (my fave of the year!) is held over 5 days at the Novotel in Hammersmith and is FULL TO CAPACITY with the worlds best photographers, all the best new kit (if only I could afford it!), the best print competition in the world and THE BEST PLACE to network, rub shoulders with the stars and raise up your game as a photographer!

I conducted my Masterclass entitled ‘THE LANGUAGE OF LGBTQ LOVE’ for photographers to understand how to speak to & understand the needs of their potential clients from the LGBTQ+ community. Although I shoot ALL kinds of weddings from the religious to spiritual, death metal to folk soirees, same sex & gender fluid weddings are really my NICHE & it is THIS niche that requires a photographer to understand the differences between mainstream or ‘straight’ weddings from their new, burgeoning counter culture cousins!

My talk was packed full of highly engaged (as in attentive!) photographers, interested to learn and discuss the ‘Language of LGBTQ+ Love’ with myself and others, taking on board current PGP’s (preferred gender pronouns) including how to consult your client & their needs, without offending them with our usual bog standard rhetoric.

If you are a photographer who didn’t make it to my talk and would love to know more about the subject of Queer weddings, please do get in touch as I would be more than happy to help!

So talk over, I spent the rest of my time networking with some incredible suppliers who are keen to work together, going to some excellent Masterclasses, watching the judging of the print compettion & having a BALL at the black tie SOP Awards evening on Friday night. Oh and did I mention I won FOUR Awards for my images in the print competition? Yes over the moon and back to receive recognition of this kind, as it assures me I am on the right track…. !

2024 has just got off to the BEST start & I am fully charged & fired up for the year ahead!

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