Well what a start to 2018 that was!

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Well what a start to 2018 that was!

I am finally home after another truly AMAZING week at the Society of Photographers convention in London, where I picked up 4 Awards for my images & I was given the opportunity once more to speak and conduct my Masterclass on LGBT weddings. The annual event attracts over 15,000 visitors each year and to date, I haven’t missed a convention in almost 10 years!

As well as rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s best photographers, I was able to impart my knowledge on the very important subject of alternative weddings in what is, at times a very traditional & steadfast industry. To go from being a punter to a speaker is a truly humbling experience and one I certainly don’t take lightly. I am still learning every day from my craft and my peers, sometimes it feels like climbing a mountain but also at times I do get a glimpse (just a glimpse!) of the top, even if it is through other people’s work and eye’s.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the wonderful people who came to my Masterclass, to the SWPP for having / believing me in the first place, the judges who awarded & critiqued my work & all the amazing photographers whom I learned so much from, in such a short space of time. The Society of Photographers is nothing short of a family throughout the year to us lonely photographers, where we can ‘talk shop’ to one another on forums, get together for training & spend the whole week in January at the convention, the largest of its kind in Europe.
I always come away with a feeling of awe and total inspiration to do better in my photography and business and really couldn’t do without this very special week.

Here are some images from the convention along with a shoot location class I took with the Master of photography that is Terry Donnelly (at a disused mental institution no less!) Yes the day was spent shooting the wonderful model ‘Mina’ who in her professionalism suffered in extremely cold temperatures but didn’t even flinch! #swpp2018 #gratefulbeyondwords

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