Tim weds Sophie’s at the ultimate Steampunk raucous shindig of a revelry!

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Tim weds Sophie’s at the ultimate Steampunk raucous shindig of a revelry!
– Say that in one breath!

Well what can I say about the wedding of Sophie & Tim? In fact where do I even start?! So basically every once in awhile along comes a couple SOOOO very unique, I feel as is I have been transported to another world… – their world. This time unbeknownst to me, I would be catapulted to the centre of Steampunk Universe no less.

I like a bit of dress up & it is no secret that I LOVE themed weddings, however a word of caution to those thinking of building that band wagon & jumping on board this train… If you go for a theme, DO IT WHOLE HEARTEDLY.. no ifs, but’s, it’s up to you’s or maybe’s…. its YOUR DAY so have it YOUR WAY! I have seen many wedding invitations ‘suggesting’ guests dress up according to theme & then arrived at the event utterly disappointed to see just a handful who have obliged. Its like going to a fancy dress party in ordinary clothes, this is 2018 – it is now ENCOURAGED to do things differently …This is the age of STANDING OUT .. so get with it people!

A wedding day is ALL ABOUT YOU & YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME so make it a PRE-REQUISITE for your guests to follow suit (pun intended) & let your imaginations run WILD!… just like Sophie & Tim did. Along with their friends, families, cousins, aunt’s, uncle’s, kids, brothers, sister’s, mother-in-law’s, babies & bump’s to be… & that my friends is what made this wedding SOOOO SPECIAL. I’ve just been itching to feature it!!!

Yes the beauty of Steampunk (according to Huffington post) is what makes it the ultimate mash-up genre — both futuristic and retro. Aliens and AIs, zeppelins and zombies, pirates and corsets, goggles and gaslights, mad scientists and scullery maids. It’s all about the romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and adventure (and even occasionally a whodunit or a murder in the dark). In so many words it’s the kind of structured yet flexible framework that allows for endless reinvention, and it rewards experimentation within our ever-evolving universe of the alternate past.

I knew this was going to be a day to remember when I clocked the bus load of guests arriving altogether, who fit all the descriptions mentioned above & more… oh SO much more!

The wedding took place in the gardens of my favourite venue in the whole wide world – Pangdean Barn, just North of Brighton; a place so special they don’t even need to advertise! In true Steampunk fashion it rained (for awhile) but only enough to freshen up the daisy’s & give gloom to the goths… cos’ just as the umbrella’s were going up, it was time to put them down as the drinks & party games flowed & the school boy competitiveness showed! Haha yes indeed it showed!

Following an EPIC portrait shoot which showed me this couple are not to be messed with & are TRUE PARTNERS IN CRIME…(pause for pics of an EPIC proportion)

…an informal sit down dinner in the barn of delights ensued, after which guests were treated to a performance & special appearance by no less than Brighton’s own Rapper Professor Elemental! (trust me it gets BETTER!)…

This cheeky chappy hyped the crowd up into an utter frenzy before announcing the happy couple’s first BOUNCE… Yes BOUNCE ladies & gents, Sophie & Tim (I did mention it) like to do things ever SOOOO differently.. I mean, who wouldn’t opt for a first BOUNCE over a first dance any day of the week??!

So off the guests & their prestigious Punk (who never ran out of steam) couple went, bouncing the night away on a special BOUNCY CASTLE set up only for ADULTS! Trust me.. you couldn’t make it up!

That & the uniquely themed STEAMPUNK PHOTO BOOTH, kept everyone thoroughly entertained until the wee hours, until the bus came to whisk everyone away under the howling light of the silvery moon….

& all of us … at the same time were left thinking….. what the f*ck just happened??!! .. Come back!!! Can we do it AGAIN? & why can’t ALL weddings be this good? I mean WHY??!

Just saying….. 😉

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