The Smiffy’s elope amidst a Circus carnivalesque parade!

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The Smiffy’s elope amidst a Circus carnivalesque parade!

I have covered many AMAZING weddings this year, each one unique in its own right, but I always knew the icing on the preverbial wedding cake, would be the wedding of THIS wonderful, Rock Star couple…. Tara & Steve!

Take the film ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ then picture it in a down to earth setting in deepest, darkest Kent. Take one gorgeous wild child and her hot rough n’ ready groom to be, cover them in tattoo’s, give them a cracking sense of dry down to earth humour, throw LOADS of kids into the mix (just like Brad & Ange) & WHALLOP! you have a REAL Mr & Mrs Smith… far more interesting than the ones Hollywood throw at us!

Indeed when Tara & Steve came to see me in Brighton all the way from Kent, we hit it off straight away, no.holds.barred! They chose Brighton to wed, as they fell in love with the place (& each other) after spending a lot of their dirty weekends away in the city, whilst dating. Yes due to their busy schedules (& large families!), they had to literally RUN AWAY from Kent just to get time to spend together! In fact after Steve proposed to Tara on the beach (see re-enacted pic!) the alluring smell of cockles & mussels came to mind, so much so they hired the iconic bandstand to wed & a circus / carousel venue housing vintage amusements no less, bang on the beach for their wedding reception. No fancy off-the-shelf-corporate-pretentious-bullshit for these two…. they are properly grounded. The salt & vinegar of this earth!

Yes Tara & Steve wanted to create a circus themed day & parade down Brighton beach in a kaleidoscope of colour with all their family & friends. What was important to them was their day was a wedding CELEBRATION rather than an informal, stuffy do of the likes we have ALL been to, SO MANY times before (YAWN…..!) It goes without saying this couple are complete PARTY ANIMALS as they were both out to SILLY O’CLOCK the night before the wedding & had little or no sleep before the BIG day…eek! Hardcore. LOVE EM! (don’t worry guys your secret is safe with me!)

Still on the day the party kicked off in REAL style, as Tara (the naughty lil’ stop-out) looked absolute KNOCK-OUT in her gorgeous bespoke purple, pink & lilac gown! Her hair matched with corkscrew violet curls, irresistible irregular choice shoes & a killer smile (& nails) to boot…. Steve had NO CHANCE but took a K.O in the first round & was completely & utterly floored as his bride made her entrance… & what an entrance that was!

Following a heartfelt ceremony a procession took place as planned via the West Pier towards ‘Carousel.’ Somehow these crazy kids managed to hire in a T-Rex or two just to add to the excitement of it all! Luckily however they were friendly & along with posing for the camera… displayed numerous circus style tricks on demand! Anything for a good picture lol….!

The wedding reception didn’t disappoint with fish n chips for supper followed by a 99′ cone (what else?!) & as the light faded the carousel spun, the band sung & the slo-mo booth run, with hours of entertainment & laughs in this mad-cap circus house of fun! (one day I’ll make a poet….one day!)

Which leaves me with nothing left to say … except HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Mr & Mrs Smith (The Smiffy’s!) for doing things COMPLETELY OUT THE BOX & for creating their dream day ‘in a Circus Stylee’ THEIR WAY! Yes the only thing that rained on their parade was LOVE SWEET LOVE that day… no wonder the circus makes you wanna run away!!! (cue canned applause.. plz…. I said CUE CANNED APPLAUSE!!!)

Thanks to all the suppliers on the day including: Brighton bandstand

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