Sam and Charlene’s Vintage Brighton Wedding With A Shotgun Twist!

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I like Sam. Sam’s a good guy – solid, reliable, thoughtful, romantic, and dreamy.

But I LOVE Charlene. I have had the privileged of working with Charlene on a number of Shotgun shoots, as she’s one of the finest local hair and makeup artists in all the land. And let me tell you,  Charlene knows about looks & Charlene know about style!

And Charlene loves Sam. So we all love Sam.. the kind of boy you would take home to meet yer Mum… (Well a sweet someone called Charlene did just that!)

The two were wed in Brighton Town Hall, surrounded by friends and family. It was beautiful. It was classy. It was Vintage. And Sam looks like a member of the Royal family. Charlene’s Prince Charming himself…

sam charlene traditional brighton wedding perfect couple
And together, Sam and Charlene would like to introduce the world to Henry, their soon-to-be born bouncing baby boy. [Insert “Shotgun Wedding” joke here!]

The ceremony was lovely. Nothing crazy, just two sweet, loving folks who adore each other, binding their hearts together forever. Ok, maybe that is crazy. It was beautiful, Charlene was a vision and Sam was, as always, charming.

weding ring exchange sam charlene traditional brighton wedding

After the ceremony, the whole lot of them—Sam, Charlene, Henry, and all their wedding guests—followed me down to Brighton Beach for a fun, spontaneous Shotgun shoot like no other (at least since the last one anyway!)

And then, we stopped for tea. (You know, because we’re English.) But not just any cuppa will do for these revellers – we had a sumptuous high-tea at Metro-Deco, a quirky lil’ tea shop in Kemptown, Brighton, with decor straight out of the 1930s.

sam charlene traditional brighton wedding
If you should find yourself in Brighton, and anywhere near Metro-Deco, may I humbly recommend their high-tea. The cream scones are to die for!

Next stop, the Brighton Rocks bar for a raging reception! Ok, maybe “raging” isn’t the right word. However you describe it, the joy was abundant, the beverages were superb and the photos captured in our SHOTGUN BOOTH will live on in infamy!sam charlene traditional brighton wedding

The raucous props and paraphernalia were incredibly popular, especially with the ladies…er…

Everyone then proceeded to get incredibly…merry with just one or two exceptions. Charlene and Henry were on their very best behaviour!

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Huge Congratulations to the most adorable couple I know & the most Romantic ‘Shotgun Wedding’ I have ever shot. to. date. (We won’t talk about having a gun to your head as you walked down the aisle Sam, that’s our little secret OK?!) Yes instead Sam the good man has done the righteous thing and made ‘an honest woman’ out of Charlene… I just cannot wait to meet their soon to be born Henry (the lil’ man himself), cos’ I hear he’ll be making an appearance pretty damn soon!

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