Sally weds Graeme in a classy vintage post lockdown affair!

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They say things come in 3’s or perhaps its 3rd time lucky? But Sally & Graeme finally wed in true vintage style in Brighton, after having to postpone their nuptials 3 times over lockdown! ..

Yes Sally & Graeme are one of the many couples whose love & faith have been ultimately tested over the last 3 years. With plan upon wedding plan shelved & put back to a later date, our country grappled with the ‘C’ word & life as we know it, was put on indefinate hold!

However Sally & Graeme’s love held fast & they made it thru the wilderness, yes somehow they made it thru.. (thks Madge!) .. Fast forward to 2022 & all of a sudden we have 3 years worth of weddings in 1, a backlog of brides-to-be & life as we know it, back to ‘relative’ normal!

So here is the first of a run of wedding blogs documenting the wonderful post lockdown couples I have had the priviege to work with & shoot for… despite all the challenges they have faced along the way!

All of them persevered in a time of great uncertainty & now here is a glimpse into their magical day

(they waited soooo very long for!) x

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