Quentin marries Imre at the destination wedding of the year!

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Quentin marries Imre at the destination wedding of the year!

I am SO very excited to finally share the images from ONE AMAZING DESTINATION WEDDING.. one of my best of 2017…that of Quentin & Imre who married at Angel house in Brighton.

My first fortunate encounter with the boys came via email from the other side of the world, requesting my availability for their travel themed wedding (seems apt!) However it was over coffee (when they were firmly back on British soil) that I got really interested in their story as a couple, ‘coupled’ with what they had chosen to do on their special day!

Being a Brighton wedding photography expert, I am unashamedly bias in ‘knowing’ that Brighton is THE best place to be wed, as it oozes history within its frilly Regency regalia, which is no more apparent than from the white terraced Georgian houses beautifully framing the seafront (more on that later…) Along with its history & architecture, ol Blighty has far more to offer in the way of creativity & style with its thriving open minded arts & gay community, than say Hastings for instance? Not that I have a problem with Hastings, I mean they too have their drug addicts sorry Regency buildings of equal grandeur, but it is from the left side of alternative, from virgin mary’s to veganism, that the unique Brighton vibe swings from one spectrum to the other in seamless harmony with its 180bpm heart pumping centre… & oh did I mention (EVERYONE wants to live here?!)

Despite being worldwide jet setters (more on that later) Quent & Imre chose the destination of their lovely weekend home to host their day of dreams, which in other words means they do live here ‘sometimes’ – by choice.. (which incidentally is a very enviable position to be in!) In fact the more I became acquainted with this cool-as-f*ck couple, the more I understood they are rarely in one place for long… as they absolutely LOVE & LIVE to TRAVEL; so much so the wedding invite sent to their guests was a beautifully crafted passport!

The venue of their wedding was chosen as the Grade 1 listed ‘Angel House’ located at no. 1 Brunswick Terrace; formerly a show home for the stunning Brunswick estate development and built in the 1820’s by architect Charles Busby. After many uses over the years, the house was bought by a private investor and painstakingly restored to its former glory, opening its doors in 2014 as a wedding/events venue. The house to this day is a stunning example of the Regency style of its era and still retains some of its original show home features that potential buyers could chose from, when purchasing their exquisite homes in those historical bygone times.

The groom’s day started with checking in to Angel house, all suited & booted for their suave soiree. As in most of my same sex weddings, traditional is usually thwarted (hurrah!) for other more meaningful touches to be added. So the boys had their own ‘reveal’ & among other things, adjusted each others buttonhole before striding into the beautiful ceremony room as partners in crime ~ together, greeted by all their family & friends. As the happy couple departed their single lives forever, corks were popped & the fizz flowed, served oh-so-graciously in the drawing room no less.

This preceded a visit to the beautifully restored Victorian bandstand for group shots & shoot shenanigans, encompassing the iconic Brighton backdrops of the West pier relic, the phallic symbol of the i360 & of course the colourful beach huts, because lets face it; whats more Brighton than the beach huts?…. oh its Hove actually!) whoops!

Following a hilariously fun shoot of EPIC proportions, the happy couple wound up back at Angel house to raucous greeting & riotous applause from their very lively wedding party & friends.
In true travel style, their seating plan featured a ‘where in the world are you sitting’ map, for guests to decipher their seats and each table was named after a very special place these intrepid travellers have ticked off their bucket list.. Along with this genius feature, the name cards on each table were luggage tags and the wedding favours were mini-suitcases! Oh the ‘ahhh look factor’ gauge at this point for me was definately peaking!

After a fabulous meal prepared by Circa events along with some legendary speeches supplied by family & friends, a great party ensued. All the guests young and old, along with the newly weds made as much use out of the ‘Shotgun travel themed photo booth’ as their imagination could suggest, which anyone will no doubt see from the unique party images!

So as Quent & Imre touch down from the excitement of cruising at 35,000 feet ~ their high wedding altitude, this journey they have now embarked upon will take them to many places without ever leaving home. However knowing this couple it won’t be long before I hear they are taking off again to lands far and wide, exploring the world as they explore their love for one another!

Ok enough of the cheese… I would like to extend my gratitude to one super-sharp-cool-as-f*ck couple who entrusted me to capture the VERY BEST DAY of their lives thus far (& what a great day to write home about that truly truly was..!!!) Congratulations Quent & Imre I wish you the very best in life, laughter & luggage labels .. 🙂

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