The Pro’s and more Pro’s of a Pre-wedding shoot for introverts and extroverts

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The Pro’s and more Pro’s of a Pre-wedding shoot for introverts and extroverts

I sometimes get asked… so what is a pre-wedding / engagement shoot and what does it entail?

That’s when I go into my spiel about it originating from over the pond (like a lot of photographic trends) and how it is something that has ‘thankfully’ stuck (unlike a lot of said photographic trends!) You see although we are inextricably linked to our American cousins by culture and upbringing, we are worlds apart in many ways, purely because some traditions that work as well as Apple pie in erm.. America, just don’t take off here or they become Apple crumble; its British equivalent instead!

Now I’m not saying that Apple crumble is a poor man’s Apple pie, (far from it) but in the U.K we tend to put a British spin on the things we adopt, without plagiarising or ripping off the original concept toooo blatantly. So when it comes to a ‘pre-wedding’ shoot the same is true. Filtering down from the U.S is another photographic opportunity for us to build in an extra shoot around our happy couple, as they head with a hop and a skip towards their day of ‘I do’s’, however this time (unlike those sickly senior portraits or ponsy Prom’s) this shoot is purposeful in many ways, which I will attempt to outline here.

A common thread among my couples is that many (& I’m talking 95% here) don’t like being photographed and are just not comfortable being in front of the lens. Some have such an issue with it, likening it to going to the dentist?!… – a necessary evil, or so I am told! So from this point of view, I am up against it in terms of their wants vs expectations, as I attempt to create a unique set of images, my couple will be more than satisfied with. So that’s where the pre-wedding shoot comes in as a form of practise, grounding and realisation for the big day.

Weddings are funny things, which are often steadfast in thick gooey, stick-to-yer-shoe, stinky traditions, which incidentally and annoyingly stain if you try to remove them, like beetroot down the front of your favourite crop top… it just won’t go away and takes the whole ‘sexiness’ out of it! 🙂 … cos’ lets face it, when do you hear of a couple hiring a Professional photographer to go out on a shoot with the aim just to ‘capture the moment?’ …. Answer: sometimes, but quite often NEVER! Which means the only time a professional photographer is hired for most people, will be on a ground breaking day such as one’s own wedding day, resulting in camera shy couple’s, as they just don’t get the practise!

OK the modern day selfie generation are breaking new ground but in my humble Apple crumble experience, it leaves us with a nation of extroverts vs a nation of introverts. It’s one or the other meaning that some couples need to be let off the leash and others totally need reigning in!
So to establish as a couple what works for you BEFORE your BIG DAY, my recommendation is to go out on a relaxing and fun shoot with your photographer and laugh – yes LAUGH at the results, comforted in the know that its just been a rehearsal and you can decipher what works and what doesn’t, which will hopefully bring you closer to just being and loving YOURSELVES for the dynamic couple you really are!

So here is my top 10 of Pro’s as to why you should ALWAYS conduct a pre-wedding shoot with your chosen photographer and please note: there are absolutely NO CONS!

1. You will get to know your photographer – which is important in terms of shooting style and how to work with one another on the all important day
2. It will de-mystify the whole photographic process and make it something to look forward to instead of dreading
3. It will help you to RELAX on the day, knowing whats coming
4. You will receive divine inspiration – for real! along with ideas on how to do things better / or not depending on whether you fit into the intro or extro category!
5. It is nice to commemorate your partnership as the couple you have always been prior to signing your life away to one another – ok joke!
6. You can use the images from the shoot at the wedding for place settings or embarrassing slideshows
7. You will notice those funny little quirks you do that you just DON’T WANT TO DO in your wedding images!
8. You will pick up tips and simple tricks on how to stand and face the most flattering light – well at least my couples do!
9. It gives you a chance to test your photographers skills pre- big day
10. You will realise just how many pounds you need to lose to look your absolute best! – ok another tasteless joke…
11. BONUS: It will make you fall in love all over again – note: with your partner NOT your photographer hopefully!

So that’s it… Go and book your pre-wedding shoot TODAY! and if you have made it this far quote GIVE ME THE FINGER for a FREE – YES FREE engagement shoot on me!

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