Patricia weds Armand and the whole world unites!

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Patricia weds Armand and the whole world unites!

I LOVE weddings that are a little bit different & I especially enjoy witnessing cultures intertwining, as two worlds collide or should I say ’embrace?’ one another in the name of L.O.V.E.. no borders, no boundaries, no issues, just love & respect for one another as two human beings on this earth who have chosen to be together…

OK I’m no wordsworth but I do know true love when I see it & we need to encounter more, MANY MORE cultures & faiths coming together as an example in the ONE GLOBAL FAMILY that we are!

Sooo I’m off my soapbox on this occasion to wish my happy couple, Patricia & Armand a VERY HAPPY 1ST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! The two eloped after a long relationship on this very date in February one year ago to the day!

The sun shone down on Armand & Patricia that day (seriously it was hotter than the Algarve!) & Brighton was PACKED with those rent-a-crowd holiday makers (the Crawley & Croydon crew mainly) eager for a bit of slight relief from their winter woes! It was shorts out, tops off & errr well you see it all on Brighton beach but NO ONE… I mean NO ONE could match how incredible Patricia looked in her beautiful Sari style Wedding gown.

With our couple being an exotic combination of African & Indian heritage, they seemed to gather their loving family & friends from all four corners of the earth to celebrate their day @ The Hilton on Brighton seafront.
The guests arrived looking stunning & suave; like SOOOO SUAVE I had to wonder if I was at the wrong wedding & this was actually a shoot from HELLO Magazine or something?! Yes for once NO ONE took a bad picture so I happily snapped away, capturing the glamourous proceedings as they took place!

Following the ceremony I whisked my happy couple off as we jumped in their vintage car & took a drive down the seafront, where nothing but fun ensued on our seaside jaunt, whilst basking in the blazing sunshine & glory of newly wedded bliss! ! !

Back at the ranch the party ensued but just as the guests were about to sit down for their wedding breakfast, someone TRIPPED THE FIRE ALARM & ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE….!!! Well kind of you know … luckily there was no fire (can you imagine that on your wedding day???!) but there was a FIRE ENGINE & EVACUATION of sorts, which lead to all the guests donning special fire blankets BLESS!!! Nice touch Hilton…. 😉

After being allowed back into the building & following some VERY touching speeches by virtually every single one of Pat’s & Armands guests (there were quite a few!), it was clear to everyone present, just how much this couple ARE LOVED!!

& the hundreds of guests (I’m not kidding!) partied hard & free in a way I rarely see; well into the night & into the early hours …. to celebrate the joining of not just two people, but cultures, ideas, faiths, & above all acceptance & LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PATRICIA & ARMAND!!! May you have many years of fond reflection on a truly memorable (& eventful) day!

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