One sexy Pin-Up Boudoir shoot for Rotolight / Amateur Photographer magazine!

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One sexy Pin-Up Boudoir shoot for Rotolight / Amateur Photographer magazine!

I was recently completely honoured & humbled to be asked by the BEST SELLING PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE IN THE COUNTRY to conduct a boudoir shoot using the AWESOME ROTOLIGHTS range.. (yes ‘AWESOME’ & ‘ROTOLIGHTS’ in the same sentence?!) You’ll see why!

To have the opportunity to be published, along with getting your hands on some seriously amazing kit is every photographers sticky toffee dream & it just so happens this day for me fell into place like text (black) book magic; with my ‘dream team in action’ – whilst working in and among PROFESSIONALS in every sense of the word, from the lighting to the lingerie, it all clicked perfectly!

Lets start with my favourite venue to shoot boudoir in… the infamous / notorious / sexy as hell – Hotel Pelirocco; located in Brighton of course (where else?) – the go-to venue for your naughtilicious dirty-ass weekend away. When I shoot boudoir THIS is the place I recommend, as every room in this boutique hotel is themed uniquely to the next, offering myself and model lots of authentic / off the wall backdrops, including real live props for starters.. πŸ˜‰

Trust me when shooting boudoir you need LOTS of things to play with, otherwise inspiration can dry up like my sense of humour… in seconds!

So into the venue I go with my dream team crew, made up of Professional model ‘Angel White’ who is so insanely gorgeous she should carry a health warning for those with a heart condition (for real!), my incredibly talented hair & make-up artist; Stacie Smith (who incidentally specialises in Pin-Up & Vintage) & my assistant (for the day!)- the editor of Amateur Photographer magazine, Mr Nigel Atherton himself … complete with videographer in tow to capture it ALL ON FILM….. ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER!

We started in ‘Betties boudoir’ a room that pays homage to the kitsch kitten that is Bettie Page. Think leopard skin, garishly bright colours, flamboyance & satin sheets and you are only halfway there! Angel took to posing like a Pro Pin-up Queen akin to a duck to water & we got soooo many good images in the bag! To say the Rotolight system comes into its own when shooting boudoir is an understatement, the beautiful soft ambiance of constant lighting is exactly what you need in this setting, with the ability to adjust the tone and temperature as an added bonus, it really brings the silver screen magic into boudoir photography & sets things off for success right from the very start!

Next we moved up to the Pin-Up Parlour no less, a themed room based on the style of Diana Dors, lavishly furnished in bronze & gold with a classy chaise longue, draped curtains & a bed which eats you up as soon as you lie down in it!

Of course we changed the look for each room we stepped into & my dream team worked like Ninja’s to get everything in place from brilliant lighting to buckling bra straps in a matter of minutes… all I had to do was press the shutter! – Well almost πŸ™‚ ….

Next stop was ‘Cloud Cuckoo land’ (yes SERIOUSLY!) a room to stay in if you permanantly live with your head in the clouds! In fact its so ‘out there’ it has to be seen to be believed & even then you won’t quite believe it!

Our final room was of course ‘The Nooki room’ with its fifty shades of purple, flocked wallpaper & peep show area, which gave us enough entertainment to finish us off completely… πŸ˜‰ Shout out to the dream team themselves as we wrapped it up in record time!

All in all we managed six changes in four completely different rooms in just over three hours… & the Rotolight system didn’t let us down or complain once!

Here are the results of one great day with one helluva piece of kit!…

Huge thanks to my partners in crime: Amateur Photography magazine / Rotolight / Angel White / Stacie Smith & The Hotel Pelirocco!

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