Mary-Beth gets to wed her hubby Brian (n’ wear her dress) again!

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What a DREAM to get married to your one true love AGAIN (without a divorce in between!) …know what I mean? Nope? Then read on!….

Yes that is exactly what Brian & Mary-Beth chose to do… relive their wedding day by getting dressed up for their wedding portraits AFTER their wedding.

In China and the Far East this is done on a regular basis, which means the all-important couple portraits are not usually taken on the wedding day, when there are SO many time constraints and SO much else going on.

The couple typically choose a day to spend with their photographer where they get dressed up again for the occasion and the tog can FOCUS (pun intended!) on the task at hand… ; taking beautiful portraits of their clients, looking their absolute BEST, in calm & controlled circumstances.

So that is what this wonderfully enterprising couple decided to do! … & guess who got to shoot it for them?

See the shortlist gallery of my best captures from their ‘2nd’ wedding day, along with myself the couple are over the moon with how they turned out.

I even suggested with do it AGAIN! ….

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