Lyd weds Lex in bohemian hippy-dippy-dapper-flapper style!

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Lyd weds Lex in bohemian hippy-dippy-dapper-flapper style!

I had an inkling Lyd & Lex were shaped from a different cookie cutter, when they first emailed me in the early part of summer last year. ‘We love ya but we can’t afford ya’ they chimed!

I liked them for their down to earth open honesty straight away & rather than moving onto the multitude of photographers out there they COULD afford, they decided to communicate with me in a very sweet & humble manner, to the point where I was virtually begging them to book with ME!

See the likes of Lyd & Lex don’t come around very often…. if they were Rock Stars Lex would be the love child of Kris Kristofferson & Barbara Streisand & Lyd would be a latter day cross between Joni Mitchell & Stevie Nicks. They oooze cool without even realising it and they both emit a natural but ‘on-point-as-fu*k’ style, you just want to capture, can and put a trademark to!

So of course their wedding day did NOT disappoint! After hearing their wild, fanciful ideas about a bandstand wedding followed by a leisurely jaunt along the seafront to a ice-cream-van-come-beach-hut reception, virtually EVERYTHING hinged on the weather as there was NO PLAN B. But you know what?? This couple didn’t need it. They clearly had the universe on their side!

As you would expect, the day itself started off in the most laid back manner, as I arrived to capture Lyd & her ladies of leisure during their bridal prep, however Lyd wasn’t there. Only the bridesmaids were. Lyd was still at the hairdressers 15 minutes AFTER the ceremony should have begun…!

But hey who was going to argue with this 70’s flower-power-goddess, who literally floated like-an-angel-on-a-cloud-in-a-strumming-procession-of-bridesmaids-&-sunflowers, down to the bandstand to wed her Gatsby-esque styled groom? Even the registrars had nothing to say (which is a first!) & just confirmed that as the couple were being wed on a Thursday, they could do what the hell they wanted…! ~ Note taken to add to my ‘do & dont’s for couples’ next time!

Yes Lyd & Lex had it ALL figured out & I have to say it was an utter joy amongst all the rule breaking protocol to witness!

Following an intimate ceremony underneath a billowing dream catcher, where the star of the show was Beau, the couples beautiful baby boy, who presented the rings to bind his parents together forever… we all sauntered along the seafront as planned (albeit an hour behind schedule!) ~ for Brighton pasties, prosecco & ice-cream on the beach, under a beautifully blazing August-Aquarian sun!

Yes the scene was set, a perfect English beachside soiree featuring a blue sky, Vintage ice-cream van & the iconic beach huts of Hove. It was like a film setting & Lyd & Lex were the stars of the show, so much so I was half expecting the whole wedding party to erupt into a modern rendition of ‘The Age of Aquarius’ at any given moment!

Still as the photographic director of the show, it was my job to whisk the couple away to continue their day along the seafront, where we confronted among other things, an upside-down house, (which had seemingly just fallen from the sky), a giant mythical Kraken who ferociously chased our love-birds up the beach & a vintage merry-go-round complete with fat controller to top things off! Yes complete magic ensued and the day just kept on surprising!

Reception nos 2 took place at Patterns on Marine Parade, where this nightclub-come-wedding-venue transformed their space into a hippy-chic palace of delights, which had clearly been devised from the imagination of our gorgeous couple themselves! The setting was stunning to say the least & along with providing an informal but very personal stylized space, it doubled up as a great venue to accomodate the band that ensued, ensuring the party well and truly kicked off BIG TIME!

There really was no limit to Lyd & Lex’s ideas for their day, as they somehow incorporated a glitter station, a caricaturist & the infamous Shotgun themed Photo booth for that extra added entertainment!…

& to top that (they really did!) throwing it all into the mix, they performed HANDS DOWN the BEST BOLLYWOOD THEMED FIRST DANCE I have EVER witnessed! (& fu*k me I’ve shot a TONNE of weddings & seen a TRUCK LOAD of attempts when it comes to the 1st dance!) ….

So I eventually left the party in FULL SWING… having witnessed one of the most beautifully unique wedding days I can honestly remember, inspired by one of THE LOVELIEST couples you could ever wish to meet… Lyd & Lex I am SO glad you found me, but I am even more glad you FOUND EACH OTHER! I was honoured to be there to capture the magic that ensued on your truly momentous hippy-dippy-dapper-flapper day!

All the best to you as husband & wife & your future life as a family together!

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