Jen weds Ben making it one for the history books!

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Jen weds Ben making it one for the history books!

I LOVE a good wedding, can you tell?! In fact I like nothing more than capturing the unique day of each & every one of my kick-ass couples, representing them as the forward thinking, individuals they 100% are! Let’s face it, gone are days where we had to conform to a certain formula in weddings & photography of this kind (thankfully!) has changed BIG TIME!!!

Take Ben & Jen for example… they chose to follow the white wedding protocol to a certain extent, but added those extra touches & details which are meaningful to them & have relevance in their lives. Both of them are self confessed natural history & silver screen geeks, & they like nothing more than spending time in wonderment & awe at all the world has to offer; past, present, fictional & non-fictional!

Their fabulous day took place at Coombe Farm near Shoreham, the best place to throw a party if you want to start with nothing but cow shed (aka a clean slate), which translates to a HUGE empty barn to work your own ideas & magic! Trust me, I met Ben & Jen during our visit for their pre-wedding meeting on a cold & dreary day (what in England??) & I have to admit I had my reservations on how it would all turn out!

Apart from the rusty, abandoned tractors & fresh smell of cow manure (it IS a working farm after all I guess!) I found little to liken it to a place that brush up as a wedding venue…. however the more weddings I shoot, the more my couples expand my mind (& horizons!) by showing me their UNIQUE vision of their perfect day… THEIR WAY!

Yes indeed on arrival I was gobsmacked at how Ben & Jen had literally transformed the place into their very own wedding venue. There were drapes from the ceiling, a pop-up dance floor & a starry night sky along with loads of crazy artefacts including skulls, books, birdcages & skeletons – 100% MY KIND OF DO!

But what makes this venue EXTRA special (& their unique USP!) is the fact you can camp here in the field behind the barn, so I was over the moon to see Bell tents, Tipi’s & campervan’s taking up residence in the farm grounds… a million miles away from any Golf club wedding whoop!

So when Jen wed Ben off we went to check out the view …. & what a view it was check it out!

Of course we had to capture the bell tents & the whole festival vibe itself…

Followed by a ho-down on the farm of course!!! …

Yes another EPIC Shotgun Wedding… making history (naturally) in every single, fascinating way…!

HUGE CONGRATS to Mr & Mrs Woolger & thanks for the ultimate privilege of capturing your day!

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