Jasmine makes a decent wench out of Charles on their Pirate themed wedding day!

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Jasmine makes a decent wench out of Charles on their Pirate themed wedding day!

Ahoy there me heartys!… I hope its clear that everything I do is ‘tongue in cheek…’ you have to be so careful nowadays with the P.C brigade (gone mad in my opinion)… but ‘I DO’ love a bit of wicked humour & so it seems do Charles & Jasmine, where fable has it, wed one scorching day (not so many moons ago) in a dock called Hove in the midst of July.

Its funny how gender-fluidity has become this years trendy topic, whilst there are more and more categories and acronyms to explain your sexual identity than ever before. Added to this offensive words (in terms of race or sex) are only deemed so in the right (or wrong) context. I wonder how ‘Charles makes a decent wench out of Jasmine’ would have sounded? Terrible coming from a man but from a woman?….hmmm maybe not so….. ?!

The truth is nowadays we can be who we wanna be (to a large degree) & I have never seen a more balanced example of the ‘perfect couple in love’ than with Jaz & Charles. Of course that depends on my idea of ‘perfect’ no doubt, but throwing all stereotypes aside this grounded couple are TRUE PARTNERS-IN-CRIME!

Yep Jaz & Charles literally threw the wedding book of rules out the porthole window & put together their VERY BEST DAY on their terms, for themselves, family, friends & fellow buccaneers!

Their whole day took place at the Garden bar in coastal Hove where they invited their raucous family & friends (well some were raucous, the rest were quite well behaved!) to witness their humanist ceremony complete with hand fastening (they don’t take no prisoners except themselves… these two gorgeous hearty beings!)

No sooner were they wed than I whisked them off on their portrait shoot along the seafront where they dabbled in the sea, fought with pirates (in the Hove lagoon pirate themed mini-golf!) bounced to their hearts content and searched for pieces of eight in ancient treasure chests of old….

In fact we were having so much fun we almost forgot there was a wedding party to get back to, so eventually we wound up back at the venue for a few rounds of speeches, drinks and ridiculous raucous (yes raucous) group shots!

Yes it soon became apparent that most of Jaz & Charles’ guests were in fact zombies as we discovered in the Shotgun ‘zombie apocalypse group shot.’ However because the light was so strong and Jaz & Charles’ love for one another over shadowed absolutely everything else that day, the zombies were soon left withering in the mid afternoon sun, swigging their favourite tipple, recanting stories of Jaz & Charles from old….

Well you certainly can’t keep a good Pirate (or Zombie) down for long because as soon as the blazing sun disappeared, the evening shenanigans ensued in earnest with a WHOLE HEAP of dancing, singing, drunken antics and revelry of the like not often (in fact EVER) seen in these parts!

Coupled up with the infamous Shotgun themed Pirate Photo booth as Jaz & Charles’ day drew to a close there were tales a plenty to relay around a camp fire for years to come… It was certainly a day I won’t ever forget … so all that’s left for me to say is Happy Anniversary guys! No other word .. your day was LEGENDARY (just like the two of you!!!)

Big thanks to the Garden bar for hosting such a HISTORICALLY EPIC SWASHBUCKLING DAY!

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