Jamie et Jay elope amidst the most ethereal Autumnal bloom!

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Jamie et Jay elope amidst the most ethereal Autumnal bloom!

(One from the archives)

OK so Summer’s over (boo hoo) & for most it happened to the BEST summer for a long, long while… but with the unpredictability of the UK’s weather, at least I guess we HAD ONE right?! WARNING: This post contains elements of my attempts at being flowery & poetic with words!

Now we head steadily towards winter, we are blessed by the powers of nature with a final show of its majestic glory, an explosion of colour & beauty to mark the change in our ever-transient seasons.

If I wasn’t a photographer I would love to be a poet or a musician; something as creative if not more, spending my days writing love songs or sonnets to a long lost love…. A lot of my clients are creatives & some of them choose the season of Autumn to be wed being the favourite season of many, due to its soft light & striking beauty on its best days.

Here is one of those days: Jamie & Jay were married @ Patcham church in Brighton, choosing conkers over daisy’s, roaring fires over blazing sunshine & a great British roast over a chilled summer salad! Do you catch my drift? Am I creating the scene here? Do my words evoke images in your mind? I do hope so…. if not perhaps I’ll just stick to photography?! Answers on a postcard please!

So enjoy a few images of our portrait shoot together where we get away from it all (their entourage) & I capture Jamie & Jay themselves & the unique magic that binds them. Thank fully we had a gorgeous array of beautiful backdrops to choose from as we immersed ourselves in nature.

They say that change is the nature of the Universe & who would disagree this point? One of my favourite quotes about change is this so take heed soon-to-be-wed couples! ‘The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into something other than yourself.’


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