Jacqueline weds Tracy in glamorous glorious bygone style!

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Jacqueline weds Tracy in glamorous glorious bygone style!

I have been waiting excitedly to share this wedding & now the season has well & truly kicked off… I feel the time is right to release these images onto the world; the truly magical day by the sea; … that of Jacqueline & Tracy!
I first met this beautiful couple after my eccentric, deliciously lovable friend Charlotte (at the Royal Pavilion) recommended them to me… Its OK…. everyone who works at the Palace is a tad mad but in a good way… (just like the Prince Regent himself I feel!)

Charlotte thought we were a good fit & I knew we would 100% get along when my first impressions of the girls clocked vibrant red hair, huge warm smiles & cool as f*ck tattoo’s! ‘A great start’ I remember thinking, 1st impressions DO count!

So following a lengthy, lively chat where we shared our ideas, the girls booked me for their day. After hearing all about their plans I was almost as excited as they were, with the upcoming prospect of shooting it for them at The Royal Pavilion; Shotgun style!

I always take down notes at pre-wedding meetings, however I needn’t have bothered as Tracy had a few tricks up her sleeve to surprise her future-wife-to-be throughout the day.

I LOVE the Royal Pavilion, there’s no place like it. I think I’m drawn to the energy it exudes, along with the dreams & wonderment of its previous flamboyant occupants. History books paint a picture of lavish parties thrown by the Prince Regent, but I think they are playing down just how WILD this black sheep of the Royal family really was! If only we could go back in time 😉

Well we almost can with the opportunity to wed at this icon of opulence, that was so WAAAY ahead of its time…. its like a phenomena… still is!

Jax & Tracey share that dream & so after a lovely gathering at The Grand where Jacqueline transformed herself into a Betty Page meets Rita Hayworth meets Maureen O’Hara, Queen Jacqueline was well & truly ready for the ball!

First surprise of the day… Jacqueline was treated to a gorgeous vintage car to deliver her to the Palace, when she had planned to walk. Second surprise Tracy booked a saxophonist to play the song that is most sacred to the couple, as Jacqueline entered the room. Third surprise… well that’s coming later!

After a beautiful ceremony in the Red room (how apt!) The Kennedy’s walked out to rapturous applause as the new MRS & MRS! The happy couple & their guests were then give exclusive access to the music Room for photographs, along with the Kings Arches where the fun loving gathering of raucous friends and family congregated. Trust me this lot were well & truly up for a some fun & a laugh!

We managed to get some cracking images together as all of Jax & Tracy’s entourage were literally game for anything… seriously what else did I expect?

Following our shoot of EPIC proportions, Tracy served the third amendment which was a surprise ride on a Vintage bus no less to the bandstand, for more ICONIC images. Here my happy couple frolicked & danced, kissed & pranced (they behaved themselves honest!) yet again encapsulating their day, among historic Brighton backdrops.

Back on the bus we were treated to a lively journey towards the beautiful village of Rottingdean full to the brim with family & friends, we meandered down the quirky lanes popping those plentiful bottles of bubbles (champagne!)…

Still we had a little time (& a very relaxed bus driver) who pulled in to ‘Velvet Jacks; the bar where Jax & Trace met, for a quick drink, a few hugs & photo opportunities. On a day like today…. well… it just HAD to be done!

Jacqueline’s last surprise (from Tracy) was the change of their wedding reception venue & Tracy had chosen a cosy little private bar called ‘the Rottingdean club’ in the heart of the Dean, for all their family & friends to mingle. This proved to be the perfect location for a very intimate gathering where emotional words & heartfelt thanks were expressed, songs were sung & brides were serenaded, stories were told, laughs & loving punches were exchanged… (I did say it was intimate!) on this the perfectly glamorous & glorious wedding day by the sea; that of my VERY special quirky couple… Jacqueline & Tracy xxx

Royal Pavilion

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