Gay Wedding Photographer

Gay Wedding Photographer

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Brighton is well regarded as the gay capital of the UK and is also known as a creative hub for all things niche. With this in mind many lgbt couples travel far and wide to commit to one another by celebrating their marriage or civil partnership in Brighton.  The relaxed, gay friendly vibe makes Brighton the ideal choice as a destination for your gay wedding or civil ceremony and also makes it the place to be to have your photography conducted by us –  Shotgun Weddings, based right bang in the middle of this vibrant, unique, cosmopolitan city!


We consider ourselves to be Brighton’s ‘go-to’ gay wedding photography team, having hosted many lgbt weddings in this wonderful city of ours, we are real Brighton experts in terms of experience and location, but at the same time have developed a real understanding of the needs of our clients, within this fabulous photographic niche.


We know all the gorgeous nooks and crannies of this quirky, off the wall, colourful and liberal place of ours and would love to show you around, taking just epic images from the hip along the way!


We are not just like any gay wedding photographer, as we like to get to know each and every couple we work with, to understand their own personal story and unique dynamic. We do this with the aim to create pure, honest, fresh and beautiful images that you will genuinely LOVE and will reflect you as a couple more than any other images you have EVER taken together before.


Trust us we know how to do our job in creating epic images and yes we do work with customers who ‘hate’ having their picture taken – like ALL the time!


Well just Who are Shotgun?


We are: Emma Joanne along with her team 2nd Shooters & Cinematographers

We shoot & aim to hit target everytime

We are discreet but effective

We assure you the same professional service every.single.hit.

We like to have fun!

Please note: we are not for everyone!

We are creative individuals who will blend in with your unique style, interpreting your ideas & inspiration in quite simply a knock out set of images you will be utterly bowled over by.. Nuff said. Let our images do the talking.


So don’t take any chances on your big day…

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Do it the Shotgun way.


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