‘Diversify or Die’ at the Society of Photographers 2022 convention in London!

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It gives me enormous pleasure and gratitude to be speaking once again at the biggest and BEST photographic convention for ‘The Society of Photographers’ in London, this March 2022.

In this pandemic existence we still find ourselves in, my masterclass for photographers aptly entitled ‘Diversify or Die,’ centres on how to survive as a photographer in business, when bookings in this brave new world are few and far between. I will specifically look at diverisfying your demographic to include same sex / gender fluid & alternative weddings, including how to source, market, conduct & speak the language of this niche client, because in this day and age, you simply have to.

Yes its all about ch,ch,ch,ch, CHANGES… ‘I feel a Bowie song coming on!’ … so to keep up with the pace of change, we must UNDERSTAND and embrace those changes by making changes to our business, (that’s 4 changes in one sentence!) according to what our customers want, feel, practise and need.

I will be speaking on the first day of the convention, so if you are attending please do pop in, but note: ‘its an early one! Still, for the early birds who go after that worm, I promise to give you an in-depth insight into how to break into same-sex / alternative weddings, deciphering acronyms, the most up to date pronouns to use when speaking with your clients and the required etiquette when shooting this wedding genre, which lets face it, is often SO MUCH more fun than capturing the ‘norm’!

Big thanks to the Socieites of Photographers for having me back this year and I hope to see you there!

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