Catch me in the latest edition of Professional Imagemaker magazine!

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Catch me in the latest edition of Professional Imagemaker magazine!

I am truly honoured for my creative Fine Art work to be published in the current edition of Professional Imagemaker magazine, across no less than five pages! It features the panel of images I submitted to gain my Associateship for the SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) in January. This was the culmination of two years of hard work, including concepts, planning, shooting, editing & printing of various locational shoots.

Statement of Intent (to accompany the images)

I consider myself a story-teller first and photographer second. It is my intention to take the viewer on a conceptual journey of wonderment & reflection, posing more questions than answers.
I am deeply inspired by the language of Art in its many forms, past and present.

From romantic Pre-Raphaelite paintings by Waterhouse & Rosetti, to a graffiti piece by Bristol’s Inky, art is representative of its time, its people and the land or street upon which they reside.
I like vibrancy & clarity in my images & the world at large, incorporating bold subject matter.
I am not a fan of mainstream fashion per se, preferring to get my style & influences from the street, where urban life exists.
My collection features work reflective of these influences, but with a view of evoking a story, through my own personal lens and burgeoning angle on things.

Images are powerful and can make statements without words. I want to harness this strength by pushing my own boundaries, in an attempt to produce something reflective of the past, but equally altogether new.

The full gallery of images can be viewed here:

Thank you’s are in order in abundance to my fabulous MUA Heba Prieto Nogal & all the amazing models & underground clothes & accessories designers I have been fortunate to work with including Gladrags, Tabitha @ State of Disarray, Iona @ Future Folklore, , Barbara Mole @ Miss Moles Flower Emporium, Chrissie Nicholson Wild & more! Special thanks to Mike McNamee, all @ SWPP & the wonderful judges who complimented & gave me constructive criticism of my work. Re-touching by the amazing Ausra Kel.

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