Carol weds Fran – Manchester Ladies Become Brighton Brides

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There is a joke about Manchester and Ladychester, & if anyone can remember how it goes let us know…!
Still the truth is more magical in this story than fiction, as Carol & Fran literally ran away from Manchester to get hitched in Brighton, and they didn’t tell a soul! (Well, they told me, but I had to keep the whole deal hush-hush, because I’m a Professional right?) So, these two interlopers eloped! They didn’t bring a guest, didn’t cut a cake, nobody wore a wedding dress, and nobody’s dear old mum sat sobbing in the third pew from the front. Actually, when the officiant informed them of the whole 2-witness requirement, they ducked out into the street and nabbed two random passers-by and coaxed them in to do the honours! (It was either that or  they couldn’t be married!) So, for this loving duo, and for a couple of stunned strangers, that was quite a moment!
 Brighton Brides -
That’s Brighton for you.

Brighton Brides -

There was champagne.

Brighton Brides -

There was confetti.

Brighton Brides -

They hand-sketched their own wedding card, and then proceeded to pull a classy re-enactment. (This explains the  confetti & champagne shots.)Brighton Brides -

And following the brief registry office ceremony, there was a seaside 2-bride portrait ride at low tide! (Look, we made a poem!)

Brighton Brides -

Their ‘reception’ was a very exclusive affair down at Brighton’s swanky Grand Hotel. Guest list: two.

Brighton Brides -


Now you know how much we love a good joke around here. And we’re loathe to miss an opportunity to take shots at anything that isn’t clever enough to duck its head. However, this is where our humor falls off, our grins fade and our eyes mist ever so slightly in light of the difficult reality these newlyweds are facing. Cancer. (Anybody who makes cancer jokes is either a braver soul than me, or doesn’t fear karma/god/fate/taxes. Or they have cancer – if you have cancer, joke away, and we applaud your pluck!) Yes, so, Carol has an advanced case of cancer, which is part of the reason this wedding went down on such short notice. And we are so amazed by the strength, courage and all-around bad-assery of this lady. Seriously. Our hats are off to you.

Brighton Brides -

And here, we pause to applaud the bravery, say a prayer, think positive thoughts, send out all the good vibes and righteous ju-ju in the direction of Carol’s fight and Fran’s support. We are hopeful for the future, trusting in the treatment, and expect to see good things from these two.

And seriously, F*CK Cancer.

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