Brighton Royal Pavilion Winter Wedding Shoot!

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I am extremely fortunate in my line of work to be in a position to work with some wonderful people and suppliers who are an integral part of the Wedding industry in Brighton.

One of my favourite venues in the whole world ‘bar none’ happens to be The Royal Pavilion.

This unique & elaborate feat of architecture built by Sir John Nash, more than adequately sums up Brighton for me in a complete nutshell in many ways.

This Exotic Palace which resembles a Mosque in the centre of Brighton has a rich, colourful history. Built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV from 1815,  this historic house mixes Regency grandeur, with the visual style of India and China & The Orient.

Brighton suited George to a ‘tee’ who was an extravagant man with a passion for fashion, the arts and good living. However he rebelled against his strict upbringing and threw himself into a life of drinking, womanising and gambling – resulted in his incurring heavy personal debts.


In 1787, after much pleading and promises by the Prince of Wales, the House of Commons agreed to clear his debts and increase his income. So after several more decades of debauchery and dirty weekends down in Brighton, George commissioned John Nash to begin the transformation of The Pavilion from a modest villa into the magnificent oriental palace that we see today.

Photograph showing the exterior of the Royal Pavilion

Like the work of Salvador Dali, the mind cannot fathom such a surrealistic notion and melting pot of ideas all conjured up into one fascinating building! I could not do any description justice to the awe and wonderment that one experiences on their first visit to this wonderous Palace, so I get to do the next best thing…. Photograph it!

Yes thanks to my awesome contacts and friends at The Royal Pavilion, I have been given very special permission to Photograph inside and outside the Palace on serveral occasions and this Gallery (Part 1!) is the first of these amazing styled shoots!

Entitled ‘Winter Weddings’ the brief was to capture the Palace at low light whilst it basked in its own beauty with the backdrop of the ice-rink and its uplighters… what a dream! I enlisted the help of some very special people including models, assistants, hair & make-up artists and florists, to create a collection of images that showcase this wonderful Palace in all its Royal, Regal & Racy glory!

Part 1: The Music Room ~ the Penultimate function room where real Weddings take place amidst fascinating chandeliers dripping with surreal exuberance! … (I’ll let the Photography do the talking shall I?!)

Part 2: Twilight under The Arches coming soon!

Very special thanks to Charlotte Desjarlais & the staff at The Royal Pavilion, Anna & Katie (models), Heba Prieto Nogel (Hair & Make-up), Louise from Oh My Honey, Barbara from Miss Mole’s Flower Emporium & Ximena & Jesus (models & hair)

The wonderful venue that is The Brighton Royal Pavilion

Flowers by the wonderful Barbara Mole @ Miss Mole’s

Gorgeous 50’s style Vintage dresses handmade by Louise O’Mahoney @ Oh My Honey






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