Annabelle weds Pete one cool as f%*k couple’s wedding day

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Annabelle weds Pete one cool as f%*k couple’s wedding day

Annabelle & Pete KNOW HOW TO ROCK A WEDDING ~ I knew this from the moment we met at our pre-wedding consulation. They knew our association was meant to be too (so they tell me!) & revelaed I was EXACTLY what they were looking for ! (Thanks for the compliment!)
It is so great to get off to such a good start with my couples and I find this takes place more and more nowadays, in fact like ALL THE TIME!

I meet such great people in my work & it genuinely feels that when all is said and done, we part as friends (well you know, most of the time!) … I’ll let you into a little secret.. The one thing that is so damn important & paramount to me is that ‘I get’ my couples, even more so than they ‘get me’ so that I can absolutely nail their images on their wedding day & give them something that Uncle Bob (with his Canon 5D Mark III with 70-200mm F2.8 lens) CAN’T (sorry Bob!), despite the piece of Ferrari camera kit he holds between his hands!

What I truly believe differentiates photographers from one another is their personal portraits of the happy couple, along with how relaxed they make their subjects feel on the day. This all comes down to a trust and understanding that needs to develop from the very start and remain constant until the end.

Annabelle & Pete had some great ideas about what they wanted, so we had lengthy chats about what we were going to create together and then bounced around Brighton on our fantastic portrait jaunt, having fun, being silly and capturing some EPIC images at some ICONIC locations including my favourite vebue in the whole wide world – The Royal Pavilion!

Here are some of the results of those wishes. Have a looksie!

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