About Shotgun Weddings

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by.


My name is Emma Joanne & my company is Shotgun Weddings; an edgy / boundary pushing / rule breakin’ / left of centre Wedding Photography & Photo booth brand – focusing on a forward thinking style of image making..


We are open to whatever our couples represent & whoever they aspire to be. At Shotgun we want to live in a world free from categories, where we are no longer marginalised by our preferences, so welcome anyone with the same OPEN mentality… Straight, Gay, Queer or plain Curious… all we request is that you LOVE one another FURIOUSLY!


If you feel you resonate with us & our work do get in touch & let us do justice to your plans & ideas, in the only imaginative & curiously creative way to go, cos that is exactly what we live for & exactly what we know.. 😉 … ok enough of the cheesy rhymes..
(but besides that we get to shoot people for a living & for us, its serious business!) xej


Like to know more? Well just because you clicked ..here is a little on me, my journey & the Shotgun brand thus far…




I was spoon-fed photography from a young age when my Dad (also a tog) handed me down his spare Nikon film camera bodies and lenses (instead of his out grown t-shirts & spare change!) Dad wanted to encourage me into Photography, as that was his life-long dream which he never realised, after choosing another (seemingly more secure!) career path…


So I guess my love of the Art runs in the family… however it wasn’t until I moved from a Film camera to Digital, that the Photography bug completely took hold…


Dad (love him!) continued passing me down his cameras and lenses after reluctantly giving me my first digital camera. I say reluctantly as he was a Film purist, a very technical Photographer who did things exactly by the book. He once stated to me that ‘Digital would never catch up with the quality of Film..’ (trust me Dad I remember you saying this!) but to me it didn’t matter, because I was completely fascinated with the digital screen on the back of the camera, displaying the image I had just shot like MAGIC! Everything changed that day I became Digitally converted.. hook… line & sinker.


For me Digital Photography freed me up as a Photographer from the word go, as it allowed me to take risks I had never taken before. For a start you were no longer limited to the amount of frames on one roll of film and the camera would display your settings so you could immediately figure out where you were going wrong! Trust me I love retro cameras, but shooting this way to me is like shooting blind… I mean you really have to know your shit (exposure vs aperture vs shutter speed etc along with every possible light scenario) I take my hat off to the wedding film photographers of old, who did just that and nailed it every time!


I maybe a ‘Fearless Photographer’ but I openly admit it would scare the crap out of me to shoot a wedding on film!


So throughout my digital Photography career I have enjoyed the freedom to consistently push the concept of what picture taking is all about, which has allowed me to push myself as I further my work, with the unique people & characters I get to shoot…


Fast forward a few years of shooting digital weddings, I decided to refine what I do into a defined niche, deliver a service with more edge, push those typical, traditional wedding boundaries & put out what I want to attract… that is amazing, unique couples…. Just like YOU! (well done for getting this far cos we are bound to click!)


So in a nutshell … Shotgun Weddings was born…


My ethos is simple: I am adventurous & spontaneous in my picture making, as I believe it makes for EPIC images, but equally I like to be grounded, as it makes for a great relationship with the wonderful people I have the privilege of working with…


My work has a sense of humour, which I hope is apparent in my images, however it should not be assumed that I don’t take your commitment seriously (because ‘I do!’) moreover the images I create are testament to the fun and antics that ensue on a special portrait shoot, with your better half, (myself) & you!… (OK the Cheeseometer is peaking!)


One of my biggest influences in photography John Farrar once told me that ‘Laughter is the key to unleashing creativity’ & I have further discovered that laughter is the key, to not taking yourself too seriously.


So the long and short of it is: You can trust me on the biggest day of your life … that… ‘I do’ take Seriously.


Emma Joanne x



I live in Brighton with my amazing daughter Imogen Skye & our wonder dog Whippet ‘Ivory’ tho’ I will travel to the ends of the earth for the people I ‘click with’ (pun intended…)


My Photographer father DID realise his dream because now he works for ME (he’s AMAZING & I’m so lucky to have him!)


P.S So now you know a little about me, can I hear a little about you?!